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A New Horizon: Anthony Roy’s Transfer to Langston University

October 24, 2023 – Langston, OK –

In recent years, college basketball has seen young talents navigating through a maze of opportunities and challenges both on and off the court. One such talent is Anthony Roy, whose basketball journey echoes the highs and lows synonymous with collegiate athletics. Roy, a 6-5 guard hailing from Oakland, California, exhibited a remarkable aptitude for basketball early on, a trait that carried him from the courts of Dublin High School to the collegiate basketball stage. His initial venture into college basketball began with the University of San Francisco, where he showcased his potential during the 2020-21 season. However, it was his subsequent transfer to New Mexico State University (NMSU) that cast him into a whirlpool of triumphs and tribulations.

At NMSU, Roy’s on-court prowess was evident, notably leading his team to a 95-70 victory against UTEP with a contribution of 23 points. However, his time there was shadowed by off-the-court controversies that saw him entangled in legal challenges and a team scandal that led to a premature end to the season. As the proverbial dust has settled, a new horizon has emerged for Roy at Langston University, an institution with a thriving basketball program under the stewardship of Coach Chris Wright. Coach Wright, known for his player-first philosophy and transformative impact on the basketball program, presents a beacon of hope and a mentorship platform for Roy. Wright’s approach, which hinges on holistic player development, aligns with the broader goals of nurturing student-athletes to succeed both on the court and in life. This transfer unfolds a chapter filled with promise and an opportunity for redemption for Roy. Under the guidance of Coach Wright, he now has a conducive environment to refine his skills, learn from past experiences, and contribute to Langston University’s ambitious basketball program.

Langston’s basketball tapestry in the 2022-23 season was nothing short of remarkable, boasting a 31-3 overall record. Their journey in the NAIA Men’s Basketball National Championship mirrored a team ready for higher accolades. The addition of Roy to the roster in the 2023-24 season signifies a strategic maneuver to bolster their offensive and defensive lines. As the season unfolds, the symbiosis between Roy’s ambition to reignite his college basketball journey and Langston’s aspiration for deeper postseason runs is palpable. With the mentorship of Coach Wright and the supportive community at Langston, Roy is poised to navigate through past controversies while contributing to Langston’s basketball saga. His story is a testament to the resilience of young athletes and the transformative power of a supportive athletic and academic environment. This partnership between Anthony Roy and Langston University hopes to encapsulate the essence of growth, mentorship, and the pursuit of excellence that defines collegiate basketball.

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